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(Photos and videos provided by Valencia CF)

An iconic stadium in the landscape of Valencia, Spain, with entertainment areas and restaurants, to be always open to the public with the largest roof in Europe covered with solar and voltaic panels.

Nou Mestalla, the new home of valencia clubIt is preparing to be an innovative and sustainable stadium, and aims, in the new model of stadiums for all, to be a popular venue that goes beyond sports competitions.

The majority of the money to build it will come from Project Impulso, a strategic partnership between LaLiga and CVC to drive the growth of sports clubs. Valencia CF will receive $80 million for the construction of the stadium: the other funds will be obtained from the sale of third-tier districts and offices and from Valencia’s own funds.

The “basin” of the stadium has been completed. The stands are designed to have the best level of visibility and allow for a capacity of 70,000 spectators, enough capacity for the Champions League final that meets UEFA and FIFA standards. The stadium could host the World Cup finalHappy Project Manager, Mark Fenwick Fenwick Architects Iribarin.

It will be an active stadium all year round: “What we have improved from the initial project are the different options for the masses, with balconies and entertainment. Three years ago we went to the United States to look at different models and get inspiration“.

Valencia stadium features

The externally supported roof is lightweight, with a pressure ring over which a sunshade is made. It will act as an “acoustic mirror” that allows the sound to bounce off the pitch. It will also be a sustainable roof, the largest in Europe covered with solar panels, which will take advantage of the large number of sunny days that the city has. “We’ve also worked on creating a racket that can be seen from the upper seats of the Grada Oeste platform, both outside and inside.“.

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For the new Valencia stadium, an open and airy facade was chosen, with festive balconies and visible from the outside in its curved form.

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