Users have reported a significant drop in the services of WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram

Reports began to thicken after 6:30 p.m. in Chile, and intermittent periods of service were also recorded in other countries.

During the Wednesday afternoon, different Users in social networks I mentioned the Drops From messaging services to platforms Facebook social networking siteAnd the Instagram s The WhatsApp.

As noted by various users, the failures included significant intermittent periods in Shipping Services.

Along these lines, reports began to multiply After 6:30 pm in Chile.

However, the most complicated situation, according to users, was with The WhatsAppWhich quickly became a national trend due to the decline of its service.

At the moment, the reasons for the intermittent service and whether it can be fully restored is unknown.

It is worth noting that Not only were there problems with services in Chile, since the press media Argentina s Mexico They have also confirmed that there are issues with the apps.

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