Users have reported a global drop in Spotify service | Technique

Specifically, the platform did not allow users to access their personal files. Some are logged out of the system.

After 3:00 PM on Tuesday, March 8, users around the world started reporting problems with Spotify services, Music player application.

According to what was stated on the site bottom detectorusers Latin America, North America, and Europe I reported problems accessing the mobile app.

In some reports, there is an argument that people were unable to log into the application, while they were “removed” (logged out) by the system from their copies.

bottom detector

So far the company has not mentioned this particular issue. Users have turned to networks like Twitter to report the problem.

It should be noted that Spotify announced, last Monday, that Annuity accounts that were in Russia will be suspended.

“Our priority over the past week has been the safety of our employees and ensuring Spotify continues to serve as a premier source for global and regional news at a time when access to information is more important than ever,” they said in a statement. release.

We are deeply shocked and saddened by the unprovoked attack on Ukraine. they added.

Disagreement errors

As reported by social network users, during the afternoon Discord system failure, Which happened almost on par with what happened with Spotify.

Specifically, the platform does not allow Send text messages, voice chat or make video calls Between people.

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From that company they also did not indicate what happened.

Update: After 4:10pm in Chile, users reported that the Spotify service was back to normal operation.

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