USA launches its own Eurovision

years ago United State sought to emulate festival Eurovision…and finally succeeded. This starts Monday, March 21 American Song ContestThe music competition that Joe Biden’s country wants to imitate European Veteran Music CompetitionWhich this year celebrates no less than its 66th edition. With rapper Snoop Dogg Singer and winner of “American Idol” Kelly Clarkson As masters of the festivities, the main surprise is that among the participants (mostly unknown and with some emerging stars) there are some famous personalities such as Michael Bolton, Macy Gray, Joel and Cisco.

If Eurovision participants represent their countries, in the American Song Contest, they will, of course, do it, singing for their native country. Thus, Bolton will represent Connecticut, Gray will represent Ohio, Joel will represent Alaska, and Cisco will represent Maryland. Altogether there will be 56 participantseach representing the 50 states, plus five contestants participating on behalf of the US territories (American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands) and another for Washington, DC.

The End, on NBC May 9

The winner will be determined in a grand final that will be televised by the series NBC on May 9, Oddly enough, just a day before the start of the new edition of Eurovision in Turin (Italy), which will host the semi-finals on May 10 and 12 and the final on Saturday 14, where Chanel He has a secured position. The schedule of events that will be broadcast from Angels, it will be eight in the afternoon, which will force the Spanish public to stay up all night, as it is two in the morning here. RTVE is closing the details to finalize the broadcast in Spain, and the festival will be presented on the free platform Play RTVE.

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Despite the similarities, the format of the North American competition is a bit more complex than the Eurovision format. Mainly, because of the duration, because they will be Eight weeks of competition.

The audience will be able to follow the singers through three rounds. a first qualification, divided into five deliveries from which 22 candidates will emerge. This will go to semi-finals, with two ceremonies in which the last 10 “survivors” of the music competition are chosen. And finally, the grand finale.


The voices It will also have an atmosphere of Eurovision, since it has a degree Professional jury The audience.

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The American Song Contest is a great executive producer’s dream come true Ben Silverman. “I’ve spent 20 years trying to make it happen. I love the look,” he admitted. “When the United States is more divided than ever, and we are dealing with so many problems that divide us, the only thing that truly unites us is our culture,” he justified, appealing to the unifying power of music. Silverman knew how to surround himself with a team of experts at Eurovision, and in executive production they accompany him Audrey Morrissey, Anders Lenhoff, Christer Bjorkmann, Peter Settmann, Ola Melzig, Gregory Lipston.

Just like veteran European event fans are the presenters, Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg, who previously participated in She also coincided in another popular music competition. On season 20 of The Voice, she judged the competition, while the rapper appeared as a mentor for the version. “I’ve been a fan and love Eurovision,” Clarkson admitted. “I am delighted to introduce the format to the United States.”

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