USA: First Rugby World Cup venue

The Rugby World Team has announced that the USA will host the Rugby World Cup for the first time in history in 2031. In addition, Australia will host the World Cup for the first time since 2003 in 2027.

The World Rugby Union has announced the countries that will host the next major rugby tournaments. Australia will host the World Cup for the first time since 2003, while the United States will host it for the first time and will celebrate its first show in 2031.

NFL stadiums could become potential locations for the 2031 Rugby World Cup. Photo: Matt Aguirre/Raiders

Women are also allocated places. England will host in 2025, Australia in 2029, and after the first Rugby World Cup in 2031, the United States will host the 2033 Women’s World Cup.

The World Rugby Council has designed a new partnership model for the World Cup. In the future, the sport is expected to form more partnerships with national federations and governments.

The new approach aims to ensure tournament compatibility. In addition, not only interest should be increased, especially in the United States, but also investment in the field of women. The association hopes this will lead to increased marketing and reach for rugby. (The World of Playgrounds, 05/16/2022).

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