USA: Delta cuts flights from three airports due to cancellation

Washington, JFK and the New York goalkeeper

RR | New York | August 14, 2022

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The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has allowed Delta to cut some of its flights from Ronald Reagan in Washington, John F. Kennedy (JFK) and LaGuardia in New York, with the goal of reducing cancellations and congestion at terminals.

By shrinking its schedules at these airports, the FAA is requiring Delta to offer passengers refunds, new bookings on the airline or on another airline, depending on each case, and will apply through September 5, Simple Flying reported.

The airline stated that the decision was due, among other things, to the construction of New York’s airport, which is causing severe delays and cancellations at air traffic control.

For its part, the FAA said the approval “will support Delta’s steps to make adjustments to schedules and staffing assignments to increase the reliability of its operations and reduce passenger disruption.”

As mentioned REPORTUR.usAmid airlines adjusting schedules and routes to downsize due to staff shortages, Delta has suspended five routes due to low demand and will add one. Four of the five canceled routes start in Detroit and another in Minneapolis, where it works with Northwest Airlines, but will add one to Boston from New York. (Delta is suspending 5 tracks due to low demand and one will be launched).

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“We continue to monitor and adjust our flight schedules on an ongoing basis, while staying true to current customer demand trends,” Delta told Business Insider at the time.

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