US President Joe Biden falls off his bike and mocks Donald Trump

“Biden smashed his bike and the American economy,” Republican Anthony Sabatini, Representative of the Florida House of Representatives, tweeted, referring to Biden’s policies.

Controversial Trump supporter and Republican Representative Marjorie Taylor Green echoed the criticism. Regarding the video of Biden’s fall, she tweeted: “That pretty much sums up the state of our country, doesn’t it? Probably because people over retirement age can only work for government and Walmart.”



Speculation about Biden’s health

While cycling with his wife Jill, the US president wanted to stop near their beach house in Delaware to talk to passers-by and reporters. He fell on his bike. According to the White House, Biden stuck his foot in the toe clip while he was getting off. The 79-year-old was wearing a helmet and, according to the press who was with him, rose immediately after the fall and answered questions. “I’m fine,” he said accordingly. You can see the scene in the video above or here.

But the incident sparked speculation about the Democrat’s health, especially among his critics, who declared him unfit to serve. “It’s not working well,” users wrote on Twitter, among other things.

However, footage of Biden after the fall shows the opposite: the president literally jumps from a step.

Biden is the oldest US president in history. In November 2021, his doctor confirmed that he was “healthy” and “strong”.

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