US on the road? Here’s how to apply for an ESTA and live the states dream

On the road, backpack and off you go… Who has never wanted to take a trip to discover the USA? The United States is a real paradise for those who love to travel by car: moving from one part of the United States to another, along characteristic and panoramic roads that offer stunning views.

Its most remarkable feature is undoubtedly Route 66: the road that passes through several states and leads from Santa Monica in California, to Chicago, Illinois, for a total distance of 3,940 kilometers through Arizona, New Mexico and Oklahoma, basking in its beauty. Various landscapes including one of the most spectacular: the Mojave Desert. Travel The United States is on the way In recent years, it has also been increasingly chosen as a honeymoon destination: the ability to customize the honeymoon, decide where to stop and not eat, where to stay, and what to see will make the couple’s wishes come true. The important thing is to decide which part of the boundless United States you would like to visit and organize your travel itinerary based on the days you have available.

Indeed, deciding to travel to America requires careful organization in which every detail and all documents necessary to enter the United States must be taken into account, without being caught unprepared: in addition to the passport, the classic document needed to move from one part of the world to another , to enter the states is It is mandatory to have an ESTA for the USA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization), a permit that allows you to enter the United States of America without the need for a visa. Quick and easy, you don’t need to go to the US embassy or consulate to apply for an ESTA.

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How to Apply for the USA ESTA

Applying for an ESTA is really simple: with just a few steps you can order it at a cost of €29.95 per person, thanks to the online ESTA form that allows you to apply within 5 minutes; to pay for a US ESTA using Visa, Mastercard, Nexi, American Express, Postepay or PayPal; To receive confirmation by e-mail and SMS immediately after the official travel authorization electronic system has been granted.

Why is an ESTA needed?

It is good to know that the ESTA is not a physical document like a paper visa, but an Electronic Travel Authorization for the USA. Anyone who wants to take a vacation in the United States, a business trip or just a layover and then go to another destination, must necessarily obtain this authorization. In fact, all travelers, even minors, must request this in accordance with US Customs and Border Protection, and US Customs and Border Protection security procedures.

The ESTA is appropriate where the length of stay in the United States does not exceed 90 days, including stops in Canada, Mexico, or islands in the Caribbean. Its total validity is two years, during which you can travel to the United States indefinitely.

Urgent request

To obtain an ESTA, waiting can take up to three days (72 hours) and in more exceptional cases. For this reason, it is essential to plan in advance when you decide to leave to discover the USA, whether it is a road vacation or not. In fact, ESTA is checked at check-in by all airlines flying to the US, and therefore at the arrival airport.

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However, sometimes it may happen that you have to take an emergency trip, for example, to join your family or for a sudden business trip. In all these and other cases, it is possible Apply for an American ESTA Urgentlywhich significantly reduces the time required to receive a travel permit: at an additional cost of approximately 17 euros per person (added to the standard cost of 29.95 euros), it is possible to obtain an ESTA even within an hour.

Submitting an urgent request is very simple: just fill out the standard form and check the “Urgent” box. By doing this, the order will be processed in a much shorter time. For anyone who decides to travel to the United States, it is still a good idea to apply for an ESTA at the best possible time: even in emergency situations, it is advisable to fill out the form as soon as the need to leave arises.

The only way to have a dream trip without complications or obstacles is to rely on a professional and efficient service. A guarantee that allows us to make an important trip like the one in the USA, making our experience safe and unforgettable.

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