US midterm elections 2022, live | The first polling stations closed in the eastern United States | American Elections

The fight for a recount marks the first hours of voting

The dispute between Democrats and Republicans over election integrity marked the 2020 presidential election, in which Donald Trump questioned the outcome as part of a hoax still fueled by the skepticism of two-thirds of his voters, who believe Democrats did not. Clean up to the white house. In Tuesday’s midterm elections, fighting continues in places like Philadelphia, where election officials have decided to adopt an expensive process designed to ensure voters do not vote twice, by mail and in person.

The move, which will delay the recount by several days, follows a complaint by a conservative group called Restoring Election Integrity and Trust, which was created in July by prominent Republicans, including former Attorney General William B. Assistant to President George W. Bush. Philadelphia officials prefer to be on the safe side to prevent election deniers from questioning the results in one of the most hotly contested states, Pennsylvania.

On the other hand, problems with machines at some polling stations in Maricopa County, which houses Phoenix and the most populous state in Arizona, pumped gasoline to drive the suspicions of election deniers through the morning. In the 2020 presidential election, that was one of the ground zeroes in the fight over the denunciations of Trump and his people.

Officials confirmed machine failures in 20% of the county’s 223 polling stations. As election officials worked to resolve these issues, they advised voters to either wait for the equipment to work again or to go to another polling place.

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In this report we have From Georgia anger among activists against the suppression of minority voting and those who doubt the completion of the elections.

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