Uruguay: The Minister of the Interior had to explain the scandal involving the former head of security Lacalle Bo | Daniel Asticiano is accused of providing intelligence to an Argentine businessman for wiretapping of cellphones

The emergence of a series of conversations in which the former head of security of the President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Poe, provided intelligence contacts to an Argentine businessman and the use of official software for wiretapping mobile phones caused a political earthquake in the neighboring country. Interior Minister , Louis Alberto Heber, They had to give explanations before a Senate committee, while the leaders of the opposition Frente Amplio spoke of an “unprecedented scandal”.

Alejandro Asticiano was in charge of the custody of the President of Uruguay Even a couple of months ago, when he was arrested on charges of belonging to an organization that forged documents for issuing passports to Russian citizens.

Before being arrested, he erased all the information on his cell phone, however Scientific Police managed to recover one hundred percent of the contentincluding several correspondences he made on WhatsApp, available to the Public Prosecutor’s Office and some of which have been reported in local newspapers these days.

As disclosed newspaperIn a series of conversations last September there was an Argentine agribusinessman who produces wheat and soybeans in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay, who was Asticiano He gives him information, presumably obtained through the El Guardian system, that the government is using to order wiretaps, as well as his intelligence contacts.. According to the newspaper, the businessman wanted to confirm whether any “ghost” vehicle participated without a license in unloading a shipment of wheat and soybeans from his property.

Minister’s explanations

For his part, the Minister of Interior said, Louis Alberto HeberMonday before the Senate Security Committee He confirmed it was a “lie”. The former head of presidential security had access to the Guardian newspaper.

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“Interference with the telephone can only be done when it is carried out by the telephone operators, and they do not intercept the call if it is not by a court order.”, and for there to be a court order, there must be a request from the public prosecutor, and for there to be a request from the public prosecutor, there must be a police investigation that justifies the interception of this phone. In other words, it is practically impossible for someone outside the police, the public prosecutor’s office or the judiciary to intervene.”

The Minister confirmed that there is no other official system than El Guardian and that this is “duly vetted”.. “Every three months it has to be audited by the High Court of Justice,” he said in remarks collected by the newspaper. Country.

When asked by the press how to explain what Asticiano said in his talks, the minister replied: “I cannot explain a lie. A lie is a lie, it has no explanation“.

judicial investigation

The prosecutor in the case, Gabriela Fossati, had made clear last week that it had not been proven that the former guard had access to the system. “The fact that a person boasts that he can do something does not mean that he has actually done it.”he said in a statement.

In any case, next week the Public Prosecutor’s Office summoned Presidential Secretary Álvaro Delgado and Deputy Secretary Rodrigo Ferres, In addition to other officials as witnesses after Asticiano’s conversations, they indicated that he had access to the wiretap system.As well as the cameras of the Ministry of the Interior.

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It is also clear from the conversations that the former official trustee was in contact in July with a person supposedly close to the Argentine trade unionist and businessman Marcelo Balcedo, who was arrested in 2018 in Uruguay on charges of tax evasion and money laundering, and who asks him to mediate to achieve a meeting with Lacalle Po.

“Come on, move on, there’s a lot of money,” this man said to Asticiano. Balcedo is currently serving house arrest in eastern Uruguay and In May, a $22 million lawsuit was initiated against the Uruguayan statewho accuses him of thwarting a million dollar project.

Wide front position

The Broad Front (FA) announced last night the creation of a follow-up group to the Asticiano investigation. “The Football Association has to follow up because maybe in the future there will be more substantive parliamentary procedures.”said the head of the opposition coalition, Fernando Pereira. “We are not rushing and we do not want to generate an issue that is easy to solve,” he said.

For his part, the mayor of Canelones, Yamande Orsi, who is considered one of the possible candidates for the upcoming 2024 presidential election, spoke today of an “unprecedented scandal”. He wrote on Twitter: “I said that with Asticiano they didn’t care about the presidency. It’s much worse. It seems that the presidency today is involved in an unprecedented scandal. In addition to what justice dictates, there is a political responsibility to be assumed. For the good of the republic.”

Lacalle Beau defended the action and confirmed that they are cooperating in the investigation: “The government does not have a straw tail. We are cool with what we did. I could be wrong, but doing wrong things, outside the law, no. It seems to me that in this matter you have to go to the bones.

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Asticiano is one of the five accused of forging documents for Russian citizens to obtain Uruguayan passports. In addition to him, two Russian citizens, a notary and his wife, accused of forming an illegal network, are involved in the case. In contrast, there are two police officers who are under investigation in the case, one in a “hierarchical” position and the other in a “very hierarchical” position.According to the prosecutor.

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