Unvi enhances after sales services in the UK with meetings with dealers

Unvi wishes to strengthen its relationships with its international network of agents. For this, she made a round of contacts, and met with British and Irish coaches Paramount Conferences. These practices will continue in the coming months in order to enhance the company’s after-sales services.

A key area of ​​Unvi’s business practices is the dealer network. To do this, they began 2022 with a series of visits to their partners on English soil. His meetings with British coaches and Irish Paramount transfers go in that direction.

About Unvi Bus

UNVI BUS & COACH Ltd. is a subsidiary of UNVI Carroceros SL responsible for the global management of the brand in both the UK and Ireland. In addition to overseeing the sale and distribution of new UNVI vehicles, he controls all after-sales activities, including providing warranty and parts supply for all UNVI vehicles. It also provides an operator-to-operator brokerage service for used UNVI coaches through its website and associated sales partners.

Visits from these commercial agents, who have been with Unvi for 20 years, are great news for maintaining quality in after-sales services. The rounds of contacts with clients will continue in the coming months due to the smooth running of the work.

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