United kingdom. In London they protest against imprisonment and passport

London /

Thousands demonstrated in central London to protest the lockdown, which was eased in the UK, and For the possibility of applying an epidemic vaccination passport From COVID-19.

The protesters were still concentrated this afternoon in the center of the British capital, according to an AFP correspondent, after that A protest that had started a few hours earlier had gathered several thousand people.

Protesters began the protest around 1:00 PM (6:00 a.m. local time) in Hyde Park. Many held signs that read, “We are under controlLet’s regain our freedom! Or “No to the mask, not to vaccines, not to be limited.”

Although large gatherings in public places are still prohibited, Several groups of people have asked to demonstrate in small groups against the recent restrictions That still exists in the United Kingdom and against the possibility of being examined by the Executive Authority, that the vaccination passport will be approved.

Today we demonstrate for our healthy freedomYou can read on the Facebook page of Save Our Rights UK, one of the organizers, this “They mobilized against any suggestion that it would be permissible to vaccinate or have a medical certificate,” she saidBecause they oppose medical ethics and human rights. “

The demonstration takes place at a time when restrictions have been gradually eased in the United Kingdom, which has recorded 127,000 deaths It is the European country with the largest total number of deaths from the Coronavirus.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Protests against the restrictions were common in many countries.

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Thousands of people also demonstrated today in St. Gallen, in eastern Switzerland, against measures applied by the Swiss government to curb the virus.


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