Uncertainty over NATO deal on tank supplies to Ukraine

Statement of the latest waves nationally and internationally. Because not only Müller’s party leader Saskia Esken apparently knows nothing of such an agreement or of the Bundestag Defense Committee. The British government also announced that it was not aware of such agreements. British Foreign Secretary Liz Tuss said the rumors were completely false during a visit to Prague a few days ago. It is perfectly legitimate to supply Ukraine with tanks and aircraft. This is already happening from the Czech Republic and Poland.

But what TASS did not say is that Poland does not supply Western-type tanks. The Czechs did not either, says Wolfgang Richter, a security policy expert at Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik: “So far, the Czechs have only supplied battle tanks and armored personnel carriers of eastern design, we even gave our consent because parts of them were used by the National Army. previously, and German approval had to be obtained.

So far no western design has been delivered

The Richter says that NATO as an organization does not supply weapons, only countries provide weapons. So NATO will not issue any guidelines for this either, but of course there will be agreements between the supplying countries, such as the Ramstein group: “Apparently, as Simtjee Muller said, there is at least a common understanding that there are no major battle tanks and Western-style armored personnel carriers. It doesn’t have to stay like this forever. But it is so far, and evidence shows that there have never been any deliveries of this kind – not even from Great Britain, by the way,” Richter explains.

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Although the heavy equipment must be delivered, says Richter – also from Germany – the Gepard self-propelled howitzer or anti-aircraft vehicle is not used on the front lines. Just like battle tanks. France and the United States did not provide either.

Masala: A puzzle game where no one can see through

why not? Carlo Masala can only guess. He. She Perhaps it is true that there is no formal or informal agreement, says the professor of international politics at the University of Bundeswehr: “It is not clear why. Whether there is, so to speak, a tacit agreement to withhold these weapons or whether there is only the truth It is that Britain, for example, is hardly able to supply tanks of its own production, as well as France. For the United States, the logistical question is a big nightmare. ”

And Germany still has 88 old Leopard 1 tanks in Rheinmetall, some of which are intended for the ring exchange with Poland, for example. But they did not go to Ukraine either. Masala’s conclusion: “Well, it’s a very confusing game and no one is going through it at the moment.”

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