Ultimate Fraud, Netflix Series and Now The Charity: The New Life of Anna Sorokin

From the elite salons of New York to the prison, it’s a moment. He knows her well Anna Delphi – In the registry office, the nickname is Sorokin – the fake German (actually Russian) heiress who inspired the popular Netflix TV series “Inventing Anna”. Under house arrest since last October – lives in a massive apartment on the fifth floor of an East Village building that costs $4,200 a month on the outskirts of the big Apple – He decided to change his life. The idea seems to be to organize a charity dinner with VIP guests and influencers. The reason is undoubtedly noble: “It will therefore raise funds for a campaign calling for justice and immigration reforms – Journalist Erin Swaf reveals on the pages Corriere della SeraAnd together they will try, no one knows what the result, “return to society.”“.

Who is Anna Sorokin?

born in 1991, Anna Sorokin – aka Delvey in the showbiz scene – she’s definitely not someone who lacks dexterity. Suffice it to say that she is considered one of the most skilled fraudsters of the last century: from 2013 to 2017, while living in the United States, she mocked the New York elite by pretending to be a rich heiress with a (fake) $67 million fortune in Europe. She was discovered, in 2019, and sentenced to 12 years in prison for defrauding banks, hotels and billionaires (the total value of the illegal groups is about 275,000 dollars). On the evening of October 7, she was released by New York’s Orange Country Correctional Facility, where she was imprisoned for two years, and locked up in house arrest with an electronic “bracelet” around her ankle. But it seems that the problem is not over yet. The Migration Ministry says the 31-year-old should be sent back to Germany because her visa would have expired. His lawyers challenged the deportation and already said they would fight.”So that this does not happen“.

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The new life of the fake heiress

Starting over for Anna Sorokin is definitely not a problem. exactly the contrary. Looks like he’s already made contact with fancy restaurants in Manhattan for dinner.”for charitable purposes“Who intends to organize in his huge apartment. The specialist magazine picked up this indiscretion eatersent to the New York editorial office.about the error“An email from PR for Anna requesting catering services, alcohol supplies and even gifts for guests (Irene Soave relaunch on Corriere). Journalist Ali Francis called, and the former heiress frankly admitted:”I can’t go to anyone, so I’m going to invite some companies here“. From? “Ideally, a mix of celebrities and influencers, along with VIPs and non-profit activists“. What name?”I’m not out of balance“.How do you feel about your years of fraud?”As if what was posted is a caricature of me. Of course it’s up to others to judge whether this is true or not, but I like to believe that the person I am didn’t really show up.But who pays the rent for the apartment, and above all, who will finish the dinner with VIPs? obscurity.

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