Ukraine, UK and Spain, Eurovision favorites also on Spotify

Spotify has updated its chart for Spotify Global, which requests in real time the 200 most listened to songs on the platform at ground level. Of course, most of today’s entries in the table belong to Eurovisionheld last Saturday with record attendance.

The top three entries on Spotify’s global chart reflect the exact results seen in Saturday’s finale. The biggest entry naturally returns to Ukraine with the winning song, “Stefania” by Kalush Orchestra, appearing at number 38 on the list. It’s the only entry from Eurovision into Spotify’s Top 50 Sites. In second place comes “SPACE MAN” from Sam Ryderthe British proposal that was in second place, which debuted at 77, and third from Chanel with SloMo, which is 85.

The list supports four other entries belonging to Eurovision. At 105, you enter “Hold Me Closer” with Cornelia Jacobs, the Swedish song, which was a favorite with bookmakers and took fourth place in the final. In 117 wolf heads appeared Subwoofer With their manic hit “Give That Wolf a Banana”, and at 122 they appeared Mahmoud and white with “Prividi”. Finally, “De Diepte” by S10 It reaches 128 on the list after finishing eleventh in the final.

Among the notable absences on the chart, it is of course worth noting the song Serbia, which took fifth place in the concert but was not her song of the most listened to two days later; Those of Moldova, Greece and Portugal ranked seventh, eighth and ninth, respectively. He has no new single from manskin“SUPERMODEL”, whose scope is intended to be international: the words are written in English, and Max Martin is one of its authors.

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