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Patriarch Kirill: Russia is united by power against enemies

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Kirill Today he called people to gather around the authorities and leaders to remember their responsibilities and always be ready to serve their people, during a religious ceremony at the Church of the Intercession of Theotòkos in Moscow. This was reported by the Russian news agency TASS.

“I hope that the Lord will help us all in this difficult period of our motherland to unite us all, even around the powers and authorities to feel responsible towards people, humility and readiness to serve them. Then there will be true solidarity in our people and the ability to repel enemies, both from within and without,” he said. Patriarch of the Orthodox Church, according to TASS.

Kirill added that power “is an inalienable institution, created by God, that has accompanied humanity throughout its history. It often happens that a person with power forgets everything else and uses this power to expand it, or just to live in a more comfortable way.” For the religious, power is “dangerous” and “to whom it is given, much is needed.”

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Patriarch of the Moscow Orthodox Church Kirill (ANSA / MAXIM SHIPENKOV)

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