Ukraine, the city of Mariupol surrounded: the mayor of Melitopol is kidnapped by a Russian group

(Teleborsa) – I Russian Ministry of Defense claimed that the city Mariupol It is completely surrounded and surrounded by its armed forces. The news was published by TASS that “all the bridges were destroyed and the roads were mined by the nationalists.” The city council said nearly 1,600 people have been killed in the city since the invasion began. 1,582 peaceful residents of Mariupol were killed by the Russian occupying forces in a 12-day siege of the city and Shelling Unforgiving residential neighborhoods. Every passenger – we read through our Telegram channels – will burn in hell. We will never forget and never forgive this crime against humanityUkraineagainst Mariupol.

Meanwhile, a Russian group of about ten people kidnapped the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov“They took him away with a plastic bag on his head,” a source from Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs also said on Telegram. Fedorov – according to reports from the Ukrainian agency UNIAN – refused to cooperate with the Russians, and kept the Ukrainian flag on the city hall in the occupied city.

Meanwhile, sources pentagonal Reported by CNN made it known that the new military aid subordinate United States of America To Ukraine it will arrive in Europe within the next 24 hours. “We continue to ensure that resources flow into Ukraine as quickly as possible,” the newspaper said. Sources recall how the United States also “coordinates” the arrival of other countries providing assistance to defend Ukraine. Pentagon sources concluded, “We are working to provide them with what we know they need most now, which is air defense munitions and anti-tank missiles.”

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(Telebursa) 11-03-2022 20:02

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