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Chelsea is up for sale, Abramovich is asking for 3.3 billion euros

Chelsea is up for sale, but Roman Abramovich’s minimum order for the London club, more than 3.3 billion euros, would discourage potential buyers. However, according to the English press, there will be no more doubts about the intentions of the Russian oligarch, who is increasingly hated by the UK, and therefore is determined to get rid of his British origins. Starting with Chelsea, which was bought in 2003 for 150 million euros, and soared to the top of the world this year. But that soon – writes the Daily Mail – is destined to change. It was also confirmed by Swiss millionaire Hansjorg Wyss, who has a personal fortune estimated at five billion euros, and who said he was contacted to participate in the purchase of Chelsea.

“Like all the Russian oligarchs, (Abramovich) is in a panic – in the words of Wes – he is trying to sell all his housing in England, and he also wants to get rid of Chelsea quickly. I, like three other people, have received an offer from Abramovich to buy Chelsea. Now I have to wait four or five days, but Abramovich is asking too much at the moment. I can imagine joining Chelsea with other partners, but first I have to check the general conditions.”

The Chelsea FC crest is displayed outside Chelsea Stadium at Stamford Bridge in West London, Great Britain, February 28, 2022. Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich has bypassed the management of the club’s charitable foundation due to sanctions imposed on people associated with the Russian state after the Russian invasion of Ukraine (Photo Epa/Neil)

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