UK sees growing evidence between childhood hepatitis and adenovirus

The agency notes that 16% of cases also tested positive for COVID-19 in hospital admissions between January and April

British health authorities consider that there is increasing evidence linking Cases of acute hepatitis in children registered in Europe With adenovirus infection.

In an update of its periodic assessment, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) noted that the most common pathogens detected in 40 out of 53 cases were investigated (75%) are adenoviruses, a common and contagious family of primarily causative viruses conjunctivitis And Respiratory infections.

Specifically, they link the onset of liver disease to the F41 strain of adenovirus. At the same time, the agency notes that 16% of cases They also tested positive for the coronavirus He was admitted to hospital between January and April, but makes it clear that this finding is not surprising given the high prevalence of this disease during that period.

“Information collected in our investigations increasingly indicates that this increase in the onset of hepatitis in children is surprisingly surprising Associated with adenovirus infectionDespite everything, UKHSA Emerging Infections director Mira Chand said the official confirmed that her team was continuing to “comprehensively investigate other potential causes”.

Number of cases “in escalation”

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So far, a total of 111 cases associated with this outbreak have been recorded in the UK, of which 10 are Liver transplantation and none of them died.

British health authorities are remembering that the outbreak is not linked to the Covid vaccine, and are calling on parents to stay alert of what may happen Symptoms of the diseaseEspecially jaundice or yellowing of the skin and eyes.

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