UK rejects ‘Amazon tax’ due to ‘complexity’

Barcelona is not the only place to think of raising a “Amazon rate”Although many back down. Such is the case of the UK, which opened a period of consultations last January that will amount to nothing at the moment.

Increase fees and taxes Online sales. One of the facts considered in this reconsideration of the situation was the increasingly disadvantaged state in which traditional firms found themselves faced with the unstoppable disruption of a new economy.

This fall, the UK has put the project on hold for the time being “complication” and to avoid “unwanted distortions”.

The UK government report noted that “some retailers with a physical street presence believe this sector suffers a much lower tax burden than its digital competitors”.

Similarly, in the text “The government recognizes the value that high streets and city centres, as places to live, work and visit, contribute. These centers have been constantly evolving, and it is not the will of the executive to interfere with the emergence of innovative businesses. But it is important, at the same time, to maintain the ability to response.”

In the consultation process, the CEO referred to other proposals for the style internationally (without mentioning Barcelona).

Potential indicated environmental benefitsLike cleaner air or less congested traffic. But, on the other hand, if an online sales tax stimulates purchases in physical commerce, with personal travel requirements, compared to home delivery, the environmental impact may be the opposite of what is intended,” the report defended.

Thus, after questioning the environmental benefit and after the government’s crisis with the departure of Liz Truss, the executive preferred to focus on other issues and leave aside this tax.

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