UK: Prince Andrew involved with a Turkish businessman in a fraud case | international

The Prince AndrewThe son of Elizabeth II, who has been banished from British public life over a sexual assault scandal, was implicated on Friday in a fraud case against a Turkish businessman from whom he received “large sums” of money.

The 62-year-old Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson were named in a lawsuit before the High Court in London between Nebhat Esbelin, a 70-year-old Turkish woman, and a Turkish businessman based in London, Salman Turk.

The woman claims that she trusted the banker to get her fortune out of Turkey after her husband was imprisoned there for “political reasons”.

According to the documents presented in the case, the prince and his ex-wife received “significant amounts” from this former banker, who is accused of transferring about 40 million pounds (41 billion Chilean pesos) from Esplin.

According to the plaintiff’s attorney, “the money was used for purposes unrelated to Mrs. Esplin, such as the large sums paid to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.”

According to the British newspaper, the Daily Telegraph, the prince received more than one million pounds (one billion Chilean pesos).

These payments will include a “gift” of 750,000 pounds (768 million Chilean pesos) that Esplin gave on Turk’s advice, in exchange for the woman believing she would help her obtain a British passport and flee Turkey in exchange.

The Queen’s son has since returned the money, but “refused” to answer questions from Esplin’s lawyer, according to the newspaper.

The complainant further states that this amount was made in November 2019, a few days after the businessman entrusted with her fortune won a prize in a business competition organized by the Prince.

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Away from public life, Andres appeared on Tuesday at Westminster Abbey on his mother’s arm, for the first time since he reached an out-of-court settlement with American Virginia Joffrey, who accused him of sexual assault when she was both a minor and a girl. The victim of the late pedophile American financier Jeffrey Epstein.

As a result of these accusations, Andres in January was deprived of his military honors and could no longer use the title of His Royal Highness.

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