UK heatwave ends as forecasters predict severe storms and flash floods


The violent jet stream will put an end to the small heat wave as temperatures drop amid strong storms and torrential torrents.

SWATs of Britain will say goodbye to the sun this weekend as gray skies and rain pour in from the Atlantic.

Scotland and northern Britain experience the worst rainfall, while southern regions retain the heat.

Thermometers will mark the mid-20s in the Southeast, while elsewhere they will hover in the mid-to-teens.

The UK is also bracing for up to four inches of rain in the coming days and winds of over 70 km/h.

Dan Rodman, Deputy Chief of Meteorology, Met Office, said: “The strengthening of the jet stream increases the chances of the low pressure systems developing over the Atlantic Ocean pushing towards the UK.

The jet stream, which has trapped the north of the UK, will head south to open the flood gates (Photo: Getty Images/RooM RF) Read more related articles Read more related articles

“Although there are still some details to be determined about the depth and timing of these dips, what we do know is that unstable weather is on the way next week, with some strong winds likely from midweek, particularly in the north….”

The jet stream, now stuck in the north of the UK, will move south to open flood gates to a barrage of weather systems in the Atlantic.

Precipitation graphs reveal torrential rain over parts of the country ahead of next week, while western regions brace for strong winds.

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Southern and central Britain may get away with the worst of the hammer, as above-average temperatures and clear skies lengthen the summer wave.

Precipitation charts reveal torrential rain over parts of the country ahead of next week as western regions brace for strong winds (Image: Getty Images/EyeEm)

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But for most people, this week will bring cooler temperatures and the risk of at least the occasional downpour.

Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGovern told the Express: “Cooler air flow from the west this weekend will bring some mixed conditions with a few showers and some longer periods of rain.

“It will be cold as we have cloudy conditions in Scotland, and there will be a lot of rain on the teeth here.

“It will remain mostly dry in the Southeast through Sunday, with some periods of sunshine, and temperatures will be a little higher than Saturday.”

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