Two police officers killed in an ambush in Australia

Australian police said two Australian police officers and a bystander were shot dead on Monday after they were ambushed in the remote province of Queensland as officers were investigating missing persons reports.

It was reported that at least two men opened fire when the police arrived at the rural property in Wiambela.

Queensland Police Chief Katharina Carroll confirmed the three deaths at a news conference. He declined to give more details, saying that the persecution of the attackers continues.

He said that four police officers arrived at the property. Two of them were killed along with a bystander, while one was shot and another escaped.

The attackers are still at large and one of them is reported to have taken communications equipment from the police, allowing them to monitor the persecution he is being subjected to.

Police issued a declaration of emergency for the Wiembilla area, asking citizens to stay home until further notice.

Premier Anthony Albanese described the “horrific scenes in Wiambela and a sad day for the families and friends of the Queensland Police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty”.

“I send my deepest condolences to all those who mourn their deaths tonight. All of Australia stands with you in mourning,” Albanese wrote on Twitter.

The event took place in a sparsely populated area where there are vast properties and gas fields.

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