Two Mexican women’s soccer teams are already traveling to the World Cup in Finland

A second group of Mexican-American soccer players pose before boarding their plane to Finland (Image: Instagram/fmfamericanoficial)

After it was revealed that Mexican American Football Team He would have at least lost his first match in World Cup in Finland 2022 Because they lost flight reservations for non-paymentThis Saturday, there was a light of hope so they could compete for a medal.

At 07:43 am, the Mexican Federation of American Football (FMFAThey reported through their social networks that Six players and three staff have already left for Helsinkihoping that the rest of the team will arrive in the next few hours, or at least 16 more are selected, and thus be able to face their other duels.

“The women’s national team has already started its way to Finland, the first 9 passengers are already on board, we are waiting at noon to confirm the rest of the routes and passengers”

At 4:44 pm, the union posted it a second larger unit The road across the United States to the Finnish capital has already begun, sharing many photos of selected people sign in At Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

In the last hours, players and relatives have searched for a way to get flights to the World Cup (Image: Twitter / FMFAOFICIALMX)
In the last hours, players and relatives have searched for a way to get flights to the World Cup (Image: Twitter / FMFAOFICIALMX)

It was on the players Get your flights and pressure on the head of the FMFA, Cesar Barreraafter he stopped them and refused to do the procedures, because they suspected it Poor resource management; However, the manager blamed Strike at Lufthansa Airlines that affected mobility within Europe.

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Before leaving on the first flight, coach Yovani Karioexpressed his frustration at knowing that in the absence of the first match (which was to be played on Saturday against Great Britain), perhaps There is no longer a chance to fight for the gold medalBut in the face of all the adversity of the last few hours, the goal is to play and see the national colors on the net. This was stated in an interview with register:

“The truth is there is sadness and long faces, with a feeling of not knowing what is going to happen, but we are here and we are going to win these two games. The players are well focused and motivated, they have already seen that there is light, that there are some flights. He noted that they are hoping to be there and compete.”

Mexico was supposed to play on Saturday against Great Britain (Image: Instagram/fmfamericanoficial)
Mexico was supposed to play on Saturday against Great Britain (Image: Instagram/fmfamericanoficial)

In view of the mismanagement of the FMFA and the lack of support from the National Committee for Physical Culture and Sports (conid), by Ana Gabriella Guevara, who has argued that Takes no responsibility In cases of violation of the transfer of athletes in international competitions, with the exception of the Central American Games, the Pan American Games and the Olympic Games, Players requested support on social networks.

Through videos, they asked the chief Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador That will facilitate the controversial presidential plane To transfer them as well as the director of the film William the Bullto the boxer Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and businessman Ricardo Salinas Bligo Resources to attend, because they calculated that each one needs about 90,000 pesos for round trip and maintenance.

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But they only got an indirect answer from Malik Aztec TV s Azteca Bankwho said on his Twitter account that Their job is not to carry out government tasks.

“This has become a support, because the #Gobiernicolas are not doing their job. Support in cancer treatment, support in sports, support students, support the unemployed… and I support everyone, but if we do not demand any change”

The person who offered to help her was Mayor of Cuauhtemocin Mexico City, Sandra Cuevas Who responded to the video directed to Salinas Pliego who can donate two months’ worth of land. “If it works out for you, I will donate my salary for two months.”Wrote.

It is worth noting that the president of the “Va por México” alliance (PRI, PAN, PRD) receives a net monthly salary of Rs. Just over 75,800 pesos.

The above was celebrated by many netizens, who realized their interest in supporting Mexican athletes; Although there are others who have criticized the intention as beingpopulism”.

The Mexican national team players confirmed this in recent days They can surpass what was achieved in the 2019 World Cup in Canada, where they took the bronze medalWell, Cynthia Olivares has confirmed that it is the best team formed in history and they can compete with the United States.

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