Tusya events | June 12, 2022 | Fazanello

A guided tour cycle dedicated to the flowering gardens and French residences of Tussia continues, curated by Anna Rita Properzi, Tourist and Eco Tour Guide.

Sunday 12 June comes the Orsini Misciattelli Castle in Vasanello for a special visit dedicated to the history of two important families and above all to Giulia, one of the most interesting and intriguing figures of the Farnese family.

We will start from the cold rooms of the castle, continue to the historical factory of Myciatelli ceramics located in the stables and then in Medieval garden let’s admire bloom Aromatic plants, botanical garden, pomarium and love garden. Finally, the visit will end with a refreshing toast under the centuries-old plane tree. Don’t miss two wonderful churches, S. Maria and S. Salvatore, which are a real gem of the city.

The original medieval garden, reconstructed by Marchesa Elena Misciattelli, through a careful study of written and iconographic sources, is certainly one of the aspects that distinguishes the castle and documents the extensive botanical knowledge of the Middle Ages.

The reconstruction aims to re-propose the National Botanical Garden, before the discovery of America, and is based on two important documents: the 756 scheme of the Abbey of San Gallo and the Capitolario de Felice of Charlemagne with its list of plants.

Orsini Misciattelli Castle stands as a fortress at the entrance to the ancient village of Vasanello. The Orsini family had a fief in the thirteenth century and returned to possession in the second half of the fifteenth period as they transformed the entire palace into a noble residence, adorning the coffered ceilings and the ornamentation of heraldry celebrating the walls. Weddings with important families. Later the inheritance passed to the descendants of Laura Orsini, daughter of Giulia and her husband, Nicola Franchotti della Rovere, after the Colonna, Barberinis and for a century to the current owners of the Marquis of Messiatelli.

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In the old stables built by Barberini in the 1700’s is the Misciattelli Ceramics factory, founded by Paolo Misciattelli in the mid-20th century and which benefited from the collaboration of artists such as Mazzacurati, Spadini, Del Drago and the architect Buzzi, who took care of the initial production also being exported to the States United States and Japan.

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dateSunday, June 12 in the afternoon at 16.30
Republic Square in front of the Orsini Castle.
The duration of the visit is 3 hours

Where do you park?: Large multi-storey car park behind the castle, well shown

A tour guideThe cost is 10 euros
entrance In the castle 10 euros

Those wishing to indulge in a food and wine stop can stop in and sample the local cuisine at one of the excellent restaurants in the village.

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