Turkey, Sweden and Finland meeting ends without lifting NATO veto

Brussels, 20 June. The first meeting jointly held by Turkey, Sweden, Finland and NATO in an attempt to undo Ankara’s veto over the entry of northern countries into the alliance, ended on Monday without an agreement.

However, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg described the meeting as “constructive” on the “historic applications to join NATO by Finland and Sweden”, which the allies will discuss at the summit next week in Madrid.

“The accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO will make the alliance stronger and the entire Euro-Atlantic region safer. Turkey has legitimate security concerns about terrorism that we must address. So we will continue our talks…and I hope we will find a way forward as soon as possible.”

Finland and Sweden applied to join NATO after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but the accession process was complicated because Turkey, a member of the alliance, accused Helsinki and especially Stockholm of maintaining the policy of welcoming Kurdish militants, announced by Turkish President Recep Tayyip. Erdogan accused of being terrorists

The current 30 members of the transatlantic organization must unanimously support the entry of new countries, which requires Ankara’s approval.

Stoltenberg does not consider the June 28-30 Allied Leaders Summit in Madrid a “deadline”, although if Ankara gives its consent to the entry of Sweden and Finland, the two countries will participate in the summit as an official “invited”. to join the alliance.

The status of “guests” will allow them to participate in all NATO meetings, but they are still not covered by Article 5 of Collective Defense, which will come only with ratification of the accession of the 30 Allies at the national level.

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In addition to requests for entry from Sweden and Finland, Russia’s aggression in Ukraine has already prompted the alliance to double its battalions in countries on the eastern flank to eight, and the Allies put in more than 40,000 troops. EFE

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