Tunisia: Syndicate against foreign interference in the country – Africa

(ANSA) – TUNIS, July 30 – The powerful Tunisian Federation Oght denounced the statements made by representatives and senior officials from foreign countries about the situation in Tunisia.

Reference is made to the press notes of US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken and future US Ambassador to Tunisia Joey R. US Embassy Affairs in Tunisia.

Augt believes that these actions are synonymous with “interference and attack on Tunisia’s sovereignty” and refer to a “colonial policy”. The union denounces this kind of statement and expresses its opposition to any interference in Tunisian affairs. Joey Hood, who has been appointed ambassador to Tunisia but has yet to be confirmed, complained before the US Senate Foreign Affairs Committee of a “disturbing erosion of democratic standards and basic liberties over the past year (in Tunisia) that has mortgaged the many hard-earned achievements since his ouster .dictator in 2011”. (Dealing).

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