Tunisia-Australia: Germany is also looking closely – because of HIM

Group D, with Tunisia, Australia, Denmark and France, begins the second day of the World Cup on Saturday (November 26th). The opening match at 11am is Tunisia vs. Australia. And Germany should also take a hard look at the duel.

Referee Daniel Seibert celebrates his FIFA World Cup debut in the Tunisia-Australia match! The 38-year-old already managed three matches at the European Championships last year. There, the German was allowed to officiate group matches between Scotland and the Czech Republic, as well as Sweden and Slovakia, and the round of 16 between Wales and Denmark.

Tunisia-Australia: Ittrich explains how to prepare the referee

Now he will also have this honor at the World Cup. Siebert is assisted by his assistants, Raphaël Foltin and Jean Seidel. Said Martinez (Honduras) completes the panel of judges on Saturday as the fourth official. Bastien Dankert is the video referee.

Because of the premiere of the German Referee, Patrick Ettrich, himself a Referee, was invited to Magenta Studio as an expert. Explains how important it is to prepare for the match as a referee. “We have a problem as referees that sometimes we don’t even know where the ball is going and then we try to think ahead: where the ball could go and we try to run there,” he explains.

Tunisia-Australia: Siebert was already officiating the Arab Cup final

Thinking ahead is especially important when it comes to aggressive attacking pressing – the style of play Tunisians like to play. “It’s very important for the referee to make sure he doesn’t get in the way when there’s a lot of pressure,” Ettrich explains. But this shouldn’t be new territory for Siebert. The whistle has already blown about the 2021 Arab Cup final, where Tunisia met Algeria.

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