Tudum: Global event for Netflix fans unveils stellar trailer

Todome is back! On Saturday, September 24, Netflix fans will be able to watch five star-studded events around the world over 24 hours, with news and exclusives from over 120 series and movies. Hosted by Jamie Foxx, Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Centineo, Choi Min Ho, Cho Yi Hyun, Zakir Khan, Prajkta Kohli, Mighty Biruni, Sherwin Menezes, Maitri Ramakrishnan, and more, this year’s fan party was bigger than ever.

Today we’ve revealed our trailer, to give fans a preview of what they can expect from the action: burnt secrets, unreleased stills, exclusive news and more on the most anticipated series, new movies and games from around the world. Academy of Good and Evil, Wednesday, Alice in Borderland, Stranger Things, Bridgerton, The Paper House, Slipperland – Into a Dream World, Enola Holmes 2, Onion Glass – Knives OutAnd the Emily in Paris And much more!

Tudum: A global event will be available to Netflix fans around the world in 29 different languages netflix youtube channels , including YouTube.com/Netflix. Visit the official Netflix website for fans, Tudum.com/eventto get the latest news on this global fan event.

Here are the details to set:

  • At 11 AM KST (7 PM PT on September 23), Todom kicks off an exciting show from Korea.

  • At 11 AM IST (10:30 PM PT on September 23), fans will have the chance to catch some premieres from India.

  • At 10am PST, Todom kicks off with a two-part show: Part 1 from the US and Europe and Part 2 at 11:30 PST from Latin America, with surprises from other countries.

  • At 1:00 PM JST on September 25 (9:00 PM PT on September 24), our Superstars from Japan will wrap up Tudum with an event dedicated to Japanese entertainment.

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Get ready for… TUDUM!

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