Trump’s midterm elections: ‘Vote for Republicans to save the American dream’

The billionaire spoke for three hours in La Trobe, Pennsylvania, assured his supporters that he believed the 2020 election was “rigged” and again hinted that he would run again in 2024. “Russia allowed Ukraine to be destroyed.” A few hours ago in Philadelphia Obama on the Democratic stage: “Truth, rights and a just economy are at stake.” Biden’s plea: ‘Vote thinking about the future of democracy’

“If you want to save the American dream, vote Republican in this election.” Thus, former US President Donald Trump first appeared at his rally in La Trobe, Pennsylvania, in support of Republican candidates midterm elections from november 8 (The private). Then the billionaire attacked the “extreme policies of the extreme left” of the president and Democrats in Congress. “We will end Nancy Pelosi’s crazy career forever,” he said.

Trump insists the 2020 election was rigged

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Then Trump insisted on an old column: “The election is rigged and stolen. It’s a shame, a shame,” he said, referring to the 2020 vote won by Joe Biden. “The January 6 committee summoned me. Why don’t they investigate this vote instead?” lashed out at the billionaire who has been in the crosshairs of MPs investigating the assault on Capitol Hill after the election. Trump then showed his audience of supporters a series of slides on the 2020 vote in several states that always had an advantage over Biden. Trump also hinted again that he will run for the presidential election of 2024. “I won’t say at this moment. But I promise you you will be very happy in very short time.”

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Trump: Biden allowed Russia to destroy Ukraine

The former president accused the Biden administration of “allowing Russia to destroy Ukraine. China against Taiwan will be next.” Then attack the Democrats: “They are stupid or hate this country.” The billionaire called for a “giant red wave to support” the old big party. Trump took to the field to support the nomination of “Television Doctor” Mehmet Oz for Senate and Doug Mastriano’s nomination for governor. And at another moment of the 3-hour rally, Trump said he went back to attacking the media in the United States. “The media is corrupt. They really are the enemies of the people. The only thing Democrats do well is to mislead and rig elections. It’s hard for them to cheat if you go to vote in person. You have to crush the Communists at the polls,” the former president continued.

Obama: ‘Truth, rights and a just economy are at stake’

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Trump’s event took place a few kilometers and hours after the Democratic rally in Philadelphia attended by Joe Biden and Barack Obama. The former president said, “Fundamental rights, truth, and a fair economy are at stake in this election. Democracy itself is at stake in this election. The midterm elections are no joke, our democracy is a team effort, and the president cannot act alone.” He continues to do great things if you vote. He can do more than that, but it’s up to you.”

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Biden’s allure: The future of American democracy is at stake

Biden appealed to Americans to vote as they contemplate “the future of American democracy.” “This election is a defining moment for American democracy,” Biden said, addressing the thousands of people gathered at the Temple University theater in the emblematic city of the United States. America’s power is in your hands. For the nearly 80-year-old president, his rise to the podium with his former boss was the highlight of last week’s Real Power Tour that took him from coast to coast in the United States.

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