Trump plans to implement a comprehensive naval blockade of Cuba and Venezuela

The Donald Trump administration intended to strangle the economies of Venezuela and Cuba and planned to implement a comprehensive naval blockade of the two countries for this purpose.
Mark Esper, the former US Secretary of Defense, announced in a recent book his country’s plans to strangle the economies of Cuba and Venezuela, including imposing a naval blockade on the two countries.
In his new book Sacred Oath: Memoirs of a Secretary of Defense in Exceptional Times, former US Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, who held the aforementioned position during the Donald Trump administration (2017-2021), revealed several aggressive plans against Cuba and Venezuela.

It was stated in the pages of the book of the former US Secretary of Defense that after the failed coup organized by Washington in Venezuela, “Trump threatened to impose a complete and complete blockade, along with imposing sanctions at the highest level if Cuba did not immediately stop his rule. Support [presidente venezuelano] Maduro.
To stifle the economies of the two countries, Esper reported that during a meeting with all US intelligence chiefs in March 2020, Washington expressed interest in stifling the economies of Cuba and Venezuela, through a naval blockade. A measure that would have prevented the arrival of goods to the two countries.

The measure proposed by Donald Trump was considered absurd and difficult to implement, which is why National Security Adviser Robert O’Brien suggested stopping and confiscating ships carrying Venezuelan oil to Cuba.
According to the former Secretary of Defense, this measure was also inapplicable because it did not examine the legal basis for detention, the use of force in the event of a ship being denied access, the rules of engagement, and what to do if there are dead and wounded or captured US soldiers.
Moreover, on February 5, 2020, in another meeting with the self-proclaimed President of Venezuela Juan Guaido and other members of the Venezuelan right-wing opposition, US President Donald Trump put forward the hypothesis that the armed forces of the United States could fit themselves with the assassination of Nicolas Maduro. This proposal was well accepted by Juan Guaido and his comrades in his party.
But attempts to solve the Venezuelan issue by force have prompted the Trump administration to consider bombing an oil factory in Venezuela with the support of ground forces that landed on the coast of the South American country, according to the pages of the British Guardian newspaper. Mark Esper’s book.

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In the face of such a situation, the President of the Bolivarian State asked the National Assembly (AN) to start an “investigation into these dangerous revelations from former Defense Secretary Donald Trump, they spoke about the invasion of Venezuela, they spoke of Colombian mercenaries invading Venezuela, they spoke of the assassination of Nicolas Maduro and others; ministers and ministers and country leaders.
Caracas has repeatedly denounced Washington’s attempts to eliminate Maduro and called on Venezuelans to be aware of these plots to understand how the Bolivarian state came into the spotlight from various US administrations.

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