Tropical depression seven remains little changed • workers


Tropical Depression VII continues to move in the seas east of the Lesser Antilles arc, showing better organization in areas of showers and rain, although it maintains maximum sustained winds of 55 kph, with higher gusts. Its central pressure has fallen to 1008 hectopascals.

At six in the afternoon, the center of this system is located at 16.8 degrees north latitude and 50.7 degrees west longitude, a location that places it about 1,100 kilometers east of the northern group of the Lesser Antilles arc.

It is moving west at 20 kilometers per hour.

Within the next 12 to 24 hours, the tropical depression will continue with the same path and speed of travel, gradually gaining greater regulation and intensity, and may turn into a tropical storm before affecting the islands of the northern group of the Lesser Antilles.

Due to the location of this system and the time of year, the forecast center of the Meteorological Institute is closely monitoring its development and future course.

The next tropical cyclone warning for this system will be issued at 6:00 p.m. tomorrow, Thursday.

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