Trier’s pastoral region opened with a pilgrimage to Saint Matthias

Photo: Trier Diocese

TRIRE. whether from Ehrang, Trierweiler, Heiligkreuz, or Ruwertal; Whether diocese, Catholic day care center or Caritas staff: many people made their way to St Matthias Abbey on May 21 to celebrate the opening of the Trier parish chamber there together – the new structural unit under which the diocese of Trier will be divided will be in the future.

At the beginning of the service, Auxiliary Bishop Franz Joseph Gebert welcomed the faithful into the Basilica of St. Matthias Romanesque, which was filled with capacity. With the diocese of the time, the order was given to form new structural units in the diocese that should work in a network and strengthen the individual places of the church. There was a lot of wrestling and the plans were not met with everyone’s approval.

The pastoral space, in which the parishes cooperate, does not see itself as a central control unit pouring something from above, but as a network of the many sources and wells of ecclesial lifethat need to link. This task is the responsibility of the new management team, once again introduced by Gibert: 55-year-old Marcus Nicholas, the oldest of the group, pastor of the Inner Diocese of Leipfraun, and pastor in Ehrang from 2007 to 2011, was an assistant priest in the Episcopal Prosecution from 2011.

Edith Rees, 51, from Trier, is a religious education teacher and pastoral employee who was heavily involved in the implementation of the Synod. Dennis Nazim, 28, from Trier Fine, has a degree in Business Administration and was self-employed in Marketing and Public Relations.

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Nikolai first welcomed all the different groups into the packed house of worship – From Polish-speaking devotees to representatives of day care centers and schools, religious, residents of Catholic nursing homes or believers of the ten parishes and communities as well as the Catholic deaf community of Trier and the local language-speaking groups that make up the pastoral space.

The daily reading of Paul and Timothy also applies to the departure in the new parish chamber, said Nikolai in the homily, which the leadership team took turns giving. The two disciples proceeded to proclaim Jesus’ message – but were met with deaf ears and a lack of interest in many places until after a night vision, they translated Paul into Macedonia and tried their luck there. “We are all a pastoral district of Trier, and together we are moving, always asking why we are a church and what the people need,” says Nikolai. This requires courage to change the church and a willingness to compromise.” Nazim said: If you try something new, contact him. The important question then is how do you succeed in exchanging ideas and talking to people.” We need eye level. Let’s go!”.

The celebration of the encounters that followed in the courtyard of a Benedictine monastery demonstrated how varied and diverse Catholic life was despite dwindling numbers. For example, the parish schools of St. Maximin and St. Joseph, the missionary group in Trier, the training shop “Einsegart” of the Caritas Trier Association, or Caritas workshops for the mentally disabled were represented.

More information about the structure, management team and current dates of the parish chamber is available at:

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