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It happened to him

During the pandemic, Gerardo Martino admitted in approximation with the Argentine Coaches Association that whenever he tried to play with Atlanta United with a line of three defenders, this caused him problems, because he needed a midfielder, the same situation he faced against him. Uruguay in Phoenix where he put three defenders against one midfielder, leaving them only Edson and Gutierrez in the midfield, while Uruguay had three: Torreira, Vecino and Valverde and proved their superiority. Martino with the Mexican team when he was training on a three line of midfield defense had done so with Edson or Romo trying to get out, however, he did so against the Uruguayans with Montes Libro.


The selection board could not finish the friendly match that Gerardo Martino wanted in Europe on 15 or 16 November. Gerardo Torrado searched for three northern European countries that are primarily interested, although they want the game to be in their territory and in this aspect the decision of the Mexicans is that the meeting should take place in Girona or Barcelona. Sweden, Norway and Finland welcome their ability to play against Mexico. Tata considers that before facing Poland it would be very good to have a competitor for these conditions.


In Durango, they consider that the team will participate in the expansion league and that is why coach Jair Real has already started pre-season work with Los Alacranes believing that they will be in this category. Duranguines is of the opinion that since it is only about construction work on the stadium or placing the seats, they will be able to do so to meet the requirements. Durango is the second division champion and has won on the field the right to play in the Expansion.

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