Trends and Stocks BORSA ITALIANA today Friday 23 September 2022 / Looking for a rally

Piazza Avary in the last session of the week

There is no shortage of some relevant macroeconomic data released today. At 8:00, ACEA will announce the number of commercial vehicles registered in Europe in July and August. At 9:00 we will know the final Spanish GDP number for the second quarter. At 9:15 comes the French manufacturing and services PMI reading for September. Similar data will be released for Germany (9:30 a.m.), Europe (10:00 a.m.), Great Britain (10:30 a.m.), and the United States (3:45 p.m.). With markets closed, Standard & Poor’s decision on German sovereign debt rating is expected. Quarterly reports for Askoll Eva, Civitanavi Systems, Clabo, Friulchem,, Gismondi 1754, H-Farm, Ilpra, Indel B, Maps and Trendevice are expected in Piazza Affari.

The Ftse Mib closed yesterday down 1.07% to 21,799 points. In the main list, Unicredit is marked + 5.3%. Increases in Banca Mediolanum (+0.7%), Banco Bpm (+2%), Bper (+3.3%), Fineco (+4.1%), Intesa Sanpaolo (+0) are also more than half a percentage point higher, 8%) and Saipem (+3.2%). Diasurin was the worst of all at -6.5%. Cuts for Azimut (-2.5%), Campari (-3.2%), Cnh Industrial (-3.2%), Ferrari (-2.3%), Interpump (-2) are also 2 percentage points higher, 3%), Inwit (-2.7 %), Iveco (-3.3%), Moncler (-5.9%), Nexi (-3.6%), Pirelli (-3.6%), Prysmian (-2.1%), Recordati (-4.7%), Stellantis (-2.4% ) and STM (-6%). The spread between BTPs and Bunds has fallen below 221 basis points.

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