Train drivers on strike in the UK

About 5000 train drivers from Seven companies Employers began a strike on Saturday in the UK to demand higher salaries and better working conditions, among others Stop This month by different employees Railroad.

strike who can repeat On August 13, if there was no agreement with the work directive, it was called by the Aslef union, which represents drivers, while about 40,000 employees of the director of the state railway network and 14 operating companies went on strike last Wednesday, it was called by RMT.

In the United kingdomWhile Network Rail maintains the tracks and some infrastructure, the train service is privatized and operated by many companies in franchises or concessions.

24 hour strike for drivers It affects services in many regions, especially in England, and makes it difficult to access, among other events, the Commonwealth Games, which were held in Birmingham (central England).

Relationships between the government that negotiate But it affects what companies can do, and unions have worsened, after Aslef General Secretary Mick Whelan accused Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps of “lying” about the evolution of negotiations.

Chapps has been repeatedly condemned strikes He criticizes that “RMT obstructs reform and Aslef slows negotiations”, in an article in times.

For his part, the head of the Federation of Rail Delivery Group Rail Companies, Steve Montgomery, said that workers should accept the system a job It needs to be updated, especially in order to “respond to the dramatic changes in travel habits after pandemic“.

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