Trailer for “Zero”, Netflix’s Italian superhero TV series

Netflix has released the teaser trailer zero, A new Italian TV superhero TV series born from the idea of ​​writer Antonio Decelli Distefano (And patients don’t say thatAnd the I was never my ageAnd the Drafts), Created by Menotti (They called it Gig RobotIt is produced by Fabola Pictures with the participation of Red Joint Film.

Zero will be on Netflix starting April 21, 2021 with a first season of 8 episodes. Also in the joke there are some verses of Marakash’s new song, titled 64 pieces of fear, Which has not been released and which will be part of the series’ official soundtrack that will be published on On March 9th.

zero It tells the story of a boy who discovers he has the power to become invisible. “He is not a superhero, but he is a modern hero who knows his strengths when Barrio, the neighborhood in the suburb of Milan from which he wanted to escape, is in danger,” said the official Netflix summary. “Zero will have to dress the hero uncomfortably, in spite of himself, and on his adventure, he will discover Sheriff, Inoue, Momo, Sarah’s friendship, and maybe even love.”

Zero (Omar), the protagonist, is played by Giuseppe Dave Seki. Among the main cast there is also Aaron Fall (Sheriff), Beatrice Granny (Anna), Richard Dylan Magon (Momo), Daniela Scatulin (Sarah), Madeur Val (Ino), Virgina Diop (UA), Alex Van Damme (Tierno), Frank Crowdel (Sandokan), Giordano de Plano (Fumagalli), Lombardo Arope tea (Mariemi), Miguel Gobo Diaz (Rico) and Levio Cooney (honey).

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Antonio Decelli Distefano and Minotti wrote the series with Stefano Voltagio (also creative executive producer of zeroMassimo Vavasori, Carolina Cavalli and Lisandro Monaco. Mentoring was assigned to Paula Randi, Evan Silvestrini, Margarita Ferre and Mohamed Husamuddin.

Zero teaser trailer netflix serie tv
Zero teaser trailer netflix serie tv
Zero teaser trailer netflix serie tv
Zero teaser trailer netflix serie tv

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