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It has accessed the online Google Play Stores for Android devices and the App Store for iPhones. The open world video game offers something Genshin Impact hasn’t been able to yet: full customization of the main character. If you want to get a unique look, we will tell you what the whole process is step by step.

when you start , whether on an iOS or Android device, tap on the “Presets” icon on the right side of the menu screen, which will open your character customization menu where you can change your character’s gender (male or male), such as from appearance to body, face shape, and skin tone and preset appearance tones. These details are a major difference with Jinshin effectTower of Fantasy allows you to fully customize the protagonist (Wanderers).

Fantasy Tower | How do you create your character?

Any character presets you save will be stored, and once the server is up and running, you can visit the skin system to import Wanderers into the game. Remember to click the “Complete” button once you have finished generating the 7-digit code that will be used to import your designs.

If you’re not satisfied with your preset options or color/skin schemes, you can import other skins by tapping the lobby icon in the theme menu, tapping on a character thumbnail in the theme lounge, tapping “Copy Player ID” at the bottom right and selecting OK to return to the screen where the character will be displayed.

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It will arrive on servers around the world as of August 11, 2022.

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