Tough preparation: With these crazy numbers, professional cyclists travel to the Tour – Sports

Tour de France riders don’t have time to appreciate the beauty of the landscape. Photo: Imago / Mario Steele

A bike race like the Tour de France cannot be won – but it can be lost. If you want to tear something in the three weeks, you need to have a lot of kilometers in your legs.

The data “doesn’t lie,” says Dan Lorange, head coach of German cycling team Bora Hansgrohe. Of course, the performance values ​​of professional cyclists are not only interesting to a full-time coach, they are often really amazing. Ahead of the Tour de France 2022, which begins Friday in Copenhagen, athletes’ platform Strava, on which professional cyclists also upload their values, assessed the exclusive data of 36 cyclists who took part in this summer’s Tour de France Femmes or took part in the Tour de France. . The numbers collected from January to June 2022 are pretty impressive.

Since January, every professional cyclist has traveled at least 15,000 kilometers in training – that’s the equivalent of a trip from Germany to Australia.

On average, they have been in the saddle for more than 400 hours of training this year, and in some cases have spent as much as 600 hours on the bike.

Just before the Tour de France, some riders were training more than 30 hours a week, traveling more than 1,000 kilometres.

During their training in 2022, the professionals climbed over 180,000 metres.

The longest solo flight was just over 300 kilometres. This corresponds to a bike tour from Berlin to Hamburg. On average, athletes complete this trip once a week.

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On average, each driver was burning more than 350 thousand calories. This is similar to the calorie consumption that would result from eating 1500 croissants.

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