“Toscana” What do you know about the Danish Netflix movie that was filmed in Italy

Some curiosity and information about one of the titles that has caught the attention of fans these days Netflix: Danish Drama Tuscany.

Tuscany On Netflix: The Summary

This is the official synopsis of the Danish drama, set in Italy:

While in Tuscany to sell his father’s estate, a Danish chef meets a woman who urges him to reconsider his attitude toward life and love.


Movie Mehdi AvazAnd the Tuscanyactor as heroes Anders Matessen In the role of the chef Theo And the Christiana Dilana who explains Sophiaan evocative, rather episodic, feminine name that still abroad characterizes Italy and Italian cinema.

Christian Dilana However, she is an Italian actress who is starting to gain recognition place in the sun He has found international dedication thanks to the character Patrizia In the award-winning TV series Gomorrah.

there Dilana, is not the only Italian actress in the cast. There is, too Andrea Bosca in the role of her boyfriend Pine tree And the Pino amendolla In the shoes of a businessman interested in real estate, Luca.

Few references

Introduction and the beginning of the story of the film Netflix Tuscany They seem to remember another movie, more precisely, good year (Excellent wine).

The famous movie that the couple takes the gladiatorAnd the Ridley Scott mail forwarding Russell Crowe In the role of the hero, in fact, he starts from the same opening. In this case, Crowe He plays an English realtor who inherits a villa and an attached vineyard in Provence, southeast France.

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Places Tuscany on Netflix

Danish film, in the top ten among the most watched on running platform, reminds us of the beauty of the Grand Duchy, and its presentation, too. Part of the movie, in fact, was filmed in October 2020 (for four weeks) in the Florentine Hills.

The main site is Restunci Castle In Bellagio, whose origin goes back to the year 1000, and its splendor is preserved thanks to the tower and the chapel next to it. Filming also included the castle garden and olive grove. Furthermore, some scenes were made in Villa Grassinaalso in Pelago, an 18th century villa not far from the Vallombrosa Nature Reserve.

Castillo de Restonque, in the film, is the property of the protagonist, the Danish chef Theoreceives as an inheritance.


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