Tommaso Trussardi ‘definitely forgets’ Michelle Hunziker for The Very Famous: The Young and the Beautiful

Tommaso Trussardi does not escape Italian gossip, he has always been in the center of the news. Now that he’s really over with Michelle Hunziker, it’s even more over. Looks like the guy has found a new love.

Tommaso TrussardiBorn in Bergamo in April 1983, today he is 39 years old. The man is the heir and current owner of the Italian fashion house TrussardiFamous all over the world. The brand has markets located in Italy, the United States and several markets in Japan.

Tommaso Trussardi – Passion for technology

Tommaso has always been seen as an educated man and shrewd businessman, he loves his job. His notoriety in the Italian entertainment scene increased when he married the former showgirl Michelle Hunziker Year 2014. The woman married the singer Eros Ramazzotti And soon she will become a grandmother, always loved by the Italian public and therefore also loved by Tommaso. The two have two daughters Sun and Celestial Trussardi.

Trussardi is under the eye of Italian gossip because of the recent breakup with Michele, though the two are still seen together, the breakup seems certain. It is likely that the two are on good terms and that is why they continue to date.

There are many rumors about Tommaso’s new flirtation, but it was he who spreads his love on his social page and what, according to the gossip, made him forget Michelle Hunziker.

The new flame of Tommaso Trussardi

Tomaso Trussardi often posts on his Instagram profile, he is very popular and loves to share some details of his life and work with his fans. A few hours ago he posted a story in which he did not appear alone. man in a company From his new love: he pretty young It’s a lot wanted By so many men who can afford it: We’re talking about a car.

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Photography by Tommaso Trussardi – Passion for technology

The businessman has always expressed his passion for cars, and in particular he seems to love Porsche branded cars. The car in question is a luxury car, limited edition, apparently expensive, almost as expensive as his villa. In particular, this time it is Porsche Super Classic Very rare and hard to find– There are only 1,250 samples – She is worth an estimated fortune of around 291 thousand Euros. Tommaso showed his followers several videos and snapshots of his newfound conquest, and he’s proud to have them with him. According to many, he was forgotten by this breakup with Michelle Hunziker.

His passion for luxury cars has not gone unnoticed, and we all dream of owning at least one of the luxury cars that Tommaso has in his garage. Among other expensive vehicles he owns two Porsche, Cayman GT4, 911 GT3 and McLaren 720S.

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