Toblerone chocolate will not be made exclusively in Switzerland

Toblerone chocolate, whose triangular bars are reminiscent of the peaks of the Alps, will no longer be manufactured exclusively in Switzerland from 2023, forcing it to remove the reference to “Switzerland” from its packaging.

Toblerone plans to open a production line in Slovakia at the end of 2023 “to respond to increased demand,” US agri-food giant Mondelez International, owner of the Swiss brand, said in an email to AFP, confirming information from SRF. Swiss German Radio and Television.

To date, the chocolate of the Swiss brand, which was born in 1908 in the chocolate workshops of the Tobler family, is made exclusively in Bern, in the heart of the Alpine country.

“We are increasing our production capacity,” Mondelez explains, insisting that the brand is also continuing to invest in its Berne factory, “the home of Toblerone.”

But launching a production line in Slovakia, where Mondelez also makes Milka and Suchard chocolate bars, will “unlock huge capacity” for production at the Bern plant, eventually allowing it to “manufacture millions more bars.”

SRF noted that with the opening of this production line in Slovakia, the brand will no longer be able to stamp “Swiss milk chocolate”.

“For legal reasons, the changes we are making to our manufacturing force us to modify our packaging to comply with Swiss law, in particular removing the +Switzerland+ sign from the packaging,” the brand confirmed to AFP.

On its packaging, the famous Toblerone Monte Cervino, recognizable by its pyramidal shape, and the Berne Bear, was placed in reference to the city’s coat of arms.

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Toblerone manufactures 7 billion chocolate bars annually, and exports 97% of its production to 120 countries.

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