Titles not to be missed this week on Netflix (September 19-25)

Our usual run of new Netflix releases is back this week. The world’s most popular streaming platform keeps producing new and interesting episodic stories for you to follow and become passionate about. In this new week of September 19-25, there are several new releases not to be missed from the docu series on Wanna Marchi, I want to the new yellow Dahmerabout the most famous serial killer in the United States, and finally, one of the most compelling titles of the Venice Film Festival for the first time this week on Netflix, Athens.

But let’s get into more detail to understand the exciting stories that lie ahead on Netflix this week in September.

Wanna (September 21)

One of the year’s most awaited series, I want, docu series that brings a popular TV personality from the ’80s and ’90s back into the spotlight: Wanna Marchi. The telemarketing queen is back on TV with four episodes telling her story straight from her voice and that of her daughter Stefania Nobile. Today, 80 years old, Wanna Marchi returns, after prison, to tell us an unpublished detail about her past and instantly transports us back to the past we all lived first hand when she was behind the small screen of analog TVs trying to sell us luck. , slimming creams and lotto numbers with the master of life do Nascimento.

Dahmer (September 21)

Then there’s Dahmer, a new thriller/horror movie that tells the story of Jeffrey Dahmer, a serial killer who brutally murdered 17 innocent victims between 1978 and 1991. Dahmer – The Beast: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story A series that exposes these absurd crimes, focusing on the victims and their communities affected by the systemic racism and institutional failure of the police that allowed one of America’s most famous serial killers to continue a killing spree in full view of more than a decade.

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Athens (23 September)

Finally, let’s move on to Athens, the action movie by Roman Gavras that was presented at the Venice Film Festival and now debuted in the Netflix catalog. The story of Athena is a cruel, raw but heavy-handed story that tells the story of two brothers who go down two different paths, one the path of revenge and the other the path of redemption. After his younger brother dies in an alleged confrontation with the police, Abdul is called home from the frontline to find his family broken. Trapped between his younger brother Karim’s desire for revenge and the criminal affairs of his older brother Mokhtar, he struggles to calm rising tensions. But when the situation deteriorates, Athena, their community, turns into a besieged castle, thus becoming the scene of tragedy for the family and beyond.

Athens review

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