Three new romantic movies to watch on Netflix

a love story Well-told has almost healing power: It mends a bad day, warms the heart, makes us daydream and revives faith in the world (and why not, maybe even The desire to fall in love). For those who want to immerse themselves in these sensations, there are three titles to watch flow. These are three new Romantic Movies Come Netflix In recent weeks, it will lead viewers to discover the preservation of friendships, overwhelming passions, and lasting relationships that resist the influence of time.

Christmas with you

It’s not December yet, that’s right, howeverChristmas atmosphere It’s already here. In this one movie romantic comedy Continue zigzagging out Netflix On November 17, the protagonist is Pop star Angelina who, prey to exhaustion from overwork, runs away to fulfill the desire of a young fan from small-town upstate New York.

Away from the stage and the paparazzi, the pop star will find inspiration to give a new push to her career and also the possibility of true love. The ejaculate Includes Aimee Garcia, Deja Monique Cruz, and Freddie Prinze Jr. The movie is an hour and a half long.

Noel’s Secret Diary

Love, family, and forgiveness intertwine in this forty-hour movie, available on Netflix From November 24th. in plotBestselling author Jake Turner (played by Justin Hartleyalready among the heroes this is us) come home for birthday To liquidate his recently deceased mother whom he had not seen for a long time.

While emptying his childhood home of his mother’s belongings, Jake finds out secret diary who may hold the secrets of his past. Not only that: between the pages is a trail that unites Jake’s path to Rachel’s (played by Barrett Doss), a mysterious young woman with whom the protagonist discovers a completely unexpected future. The movie, which also stars Essence Atkins, is based on the best-selling book from before Richard Paul Evans.

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Touching and romantic, this Turkish movie (Also found with the title do not leave) in early November on Netflix, lasts just under two hours and is suitable for an audience over 16 years of age. The protagonist is Semih, whose girlfriend suddenly left him. The guy can’t explain why and searches for answers about what happened, but he will soon have to face many things he ignored for so long. In the ejaculate There is Burak Deniz, Dylan Cicek Deniz, and Seda Davinci.

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