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Mr. Mack, what challenges do you currently see in event gastronomy and how does the acrorenaline fit in here and how should aclarenaline meet the requirements of the guests?

We call it “The Restaurant of the Future” and the future guest wants to offer more than just a table, a chair and several dishes. In the future, visiting a restaurant should be a sensory journey that appeals to all levels of perception. The guest is immersed in a completely different world for several hours.

I sit as a guest in the ‘floating chair’ of Etrainalen – what happens next?

During dinner at Eatrenalin, guests pass through eleven rooms. The journey through space and time begins in the “Lobby” with a glass of champagne and small treats as a welcome. A refreshing ritual cleanses the senses in the “waterfall” and guests literally ditch from everyday life. In the “discovery” room, guests sit in the so-called “floating chairs” – the journey of the senses begins. Then it “floats” in the “ocean” room – and thus into the depths of the sea. This is followed by a taste explosion in the “relish” room. Guests taste the flavors: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The place changes and adapts to different flavours. But the fifth dimension of taste has not been neglected either: umami. A separate room is allocated for it. After that, visitors really take off on the “spaceship”. After the rocket is launched, it glides through “space”. Travelers experience infinity in space and weightlessness after reaching the moon in the “universe”. A second main course is served here. What sweets taste there? So creative! The fun experience is completed in the “Incarnation” room. After about two hours, the elevator brings you back to reality and you reach the bar. There, 200 guests, who can visit the Etrenaline in total for one evening, finish their journey through place, time, imagination and taste.

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What dishes are served to guests during their Eatrenaline trip?

Guests are spoiled with an eight-course menu. The kitchen combines modern and cosmopolitan influences, matching the ambiance of the landscape in the different worlds of immersion. You can choose between the “Red Dimensions” list and the “Green Dimensions” list.

The guest takes a seat, and the armchairs move independently. But how are the waiters able to serve the menu to the guests without incident?

All processes are meticulously coordinated and the perfect interaction between technology, drive system, service and kitchen ensures that the experience runs smoothly.

How high are the hopes for a Michelin star for the new restaurant?

A Michelin star is not our first target. He can come, but he doesn’t have to. The deciding factor is that we provide our guests with first-class quality and that they are fully satisfied and enthusiastic.

To what extent is the concept of acrinaline sought to be expanded?

After the opening of Eatrenalin at the Europa-Park Adventure Resort in Rust, it was planned to start long-term international business in world capitals. Potential investors expect low-maintenance, safe and easy-to-use system components, excellent content and story worlds, innovative and individualized food concepts, simple and automated processes in the catering business as well as a modern blend of marketing and communications.

Thank you for the interview, Mr. Mac!


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