This year’s theme is “Explore”

physical and mental explorations of the reality that surrounds us, but also of research that has led to great scientific discoveries and changed the way we look at the world. Hence the theme “Exploration” was chosen for the 17th edition of the Rome Science Festival, from 21 to 27 November in the hall “Ennio Morricone” Parco della Musica.

More than 400 events are scheduled, including meetings, fairs, exhibitions and special events that will take place entirely in attendance and, in some cases, also in live broadcasts. More than 120 guests will come to Rome from India to the United States, from England to Botswana, among them: Jim El Khalili, Samir Zaki, Mary Fitzdoff, Lavanya Lakshminarayan, Tlotlou Tsamasi, Agnieszka Wijkoska, Barbara Galavotti, Natalie Tucci, Giulio Tononi, Guido Barbugani , Ersilia Voodoo, Paolo Zellini, Daniela Locangeli, Igiappa Segou, Manlio Castagna, Barbara Mazzolai, Giuseppe Remozzi.

The festival will be opened on Monday, November 21 at 9:30 by Antonello Pasini, Senior Researcher at the CNR Institute on Atmospheric Pollution, and young activist Agnese Casadei, spokeswoman for Friday for Future, with a climate dialogue “Climate change between the present and the future”. A discussion about climate change and the actions that society and politics can take to address it. The meeting will be moderated by science journalist and interviewer Sylvia Bencivili.

About climate and climate change, comparing past and present climates to prepare the young generations for the future in a responsible way, at 11:30 the appointment is in Sala Petrassi (and in the live broadcast for schools) where Elisa Palzzi (climatologist and professor of climate physics at the University of Turin) and Davide Coero Borga ( Scientific Interviewer, Author and TV Presenter) in an interview entitled “How is the Earth?”

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On the 18th at the Teatro Studio a meeting “Science in Rome” will be held, in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, with the screening of the short film “Scienza Capitale”. The future is now ”, made by Maeci. Space to present the project of the Science Museum of Rome. While on the 21 in Sala Petrassi there will be a conference “Margherita Hack, interstellar cycling” by Inaif.

Produced by the Music Foundation for Rome, with the planning partnership of Codice Editions, the Rome Science Festival is promoted by the Culture Department of Rome Capital. Made with Asi (Italian Space Agency) and Infn (National Institute for Nuclear Physics). With scientific partners Cmcc (Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change), Cnr (National Research Council), Enea (National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), Esa A (European Space Agency), Rete Garr, Gssi (Sciences Gran Sasso Institute, Human Technology , IT), Italian Institute of Technology, ENAV (National Institute of Astrophysics), ENGV (National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology), ISPRA (Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research), Museo Galileo, Planetarium of Rome Capitale, Zoological Station of Anton Dührn.

With a program that spans through five thematic areas: Spaces, Society, Lives, Minds and Futures.

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