This will be the plan to ensure security during the 2022 elections

Election day in Colombia will be March 13, 2022. EFE / Mauricio Dueñas Castañeda

On February 28, the Minister of Interior said, Daniel Palacio announced the formation of the National Committee for Coordination and Monitoring of Electoral ProcessesCIPRAT, which includes the national police and army, Carlos Camargo, Ombudsman, Alejandra Barrios, Director of Operations Monitoring Mission, Juliette de Rivero, representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia, and Raúl Rosendi, Director of UN Verification.

The objective of the commission is to coordinate and monitor the electoral processes that will take place in 2022, In addition to ensuring the functioning of election monitoring and protection mechanisms.

For this election, the national government has signed 13 district-level agreements on life and democracy, and is committed to ensuring the security of candidates for Congress and the presidency.

Palacios said that the nineteen candidates for the party Presidency They have protection and there is coordination with displacement campaigns, when they go to rural areas or areas that have some priority in terms of public order

This was done through campaigns to ensure that they could be mobilized throughout the national territory. Today we have no incident of candidates other than the candidate who was presented in Norte de Santander, for a candidate for the seat of victims, where he had a car theft and the situation in Arauca, who was presented in a candidate who was retained by ELN and then released.”

The head of the Interior Ministry confirmed that Plan Ágora II and Plan Democracia are working to ensure security in the elections of 678 candidates for Congress and 403 candidates for the victims’ seats. He also argued that 76% have protection measures by the state, with priority given to the country’s 55 municipalities, which have some risks in terms of public order.

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We continue to work every day with the Ministry of Defense, the Armed Forces, the Police and the National Protection Unit to respond immediately to any request and any dangerous situation that may arise. But the message is clear, that today we have Agora 2 and the Democracy Plan, with more than 210,000 men in action and running.”Highlight Palacios Martinez.

In the face of warnings provided by alleged cyber security threats, Palacios stated that: The role of the national government is to accompany the electoral organization and provide it with the necessary guarantees and security conditions. The electoral organization is independent and responsible for organizing the electoral process. Having said that, we have introduced four National Guarantee Committees and the next committee will be implemented with the political parties.”

He further added: “Currently, we have not received any concern from the political parties in that committee, but we will develop one and a recount simulation has already been carried out, where I had the opportunity to accompany the registrar on behalf of the national government with the Minister of Communications, to review all the programs and how they work and cybersecurity, This makes a permanent accompaniment to the national police sector to create the cyber security conditions that are vital for the upcoming elections.

On the other hand, Minister Palacios said that the National Guarantees Committee on the first of this March The elections will introduce the National Pact of Nonviolence and Tolerance already signed in Antioquia, Caquetá, Amazonas, Magdalena, Casanare, Bogota, Norte de Santander, San Andrés and Vicada Boyaca.Cauca, Chocó, Sucre and soon by the President of the Republic.

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Finally, Palacios assessed how the country would be in terms of security and what elements the government would have to protect the elections.

“We have 470 armored jackets in the country and vehicles between NPU guards and NPs. We are talking about 1,600 men, 576 NPs, 1,169 UNPs, 549 custom armored vehicles, 205 conventional vehicles, as well as types of Various of support.The Minister of the Interior said that today we have more than 4,411 measures implemented in the country, regarding the candidates for the Presidency of the Republic, among the 19 candidates, 100% have a protection measure.

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