This technology allows saving 1 billion Blu-Ray in 5 centimeters

Technology, and more specifically, everything related to computers, needs sufficient data storage for all the operations performed. As computers have become more powerful, files have gained weight, and although this is not a problem yet Large capacity SSDAnd It is necessary to create supports capable of storing a larger amount of data.

However, as counterintuitive as that may sound, you should be getting smaller at the same time. This is vital to what is called quantum computing, a branch of computing that promises to be a revolution in the future. The materials used in manufacturing are also changing, and although today silicon is the primary material for these materials, It may be replaced by diamonds soon.

1 billion Blu-ray with a diameter of 5 cm

In fact, the use of diamonds is not new in this field. This is because this material is the hardest in that it is a good conductor, but what is really important is one of its drawbacks. east, Known as the vacant nitrogen centermakes diamond able to store data in large quantities, since an increased presence of nitrogen in the material can lead to a decrease in its storage capacity.

For this reason, there have already been several attempts to create diamond chips for storing data, especially qubits (the basic unit of information in quantum computing). So far, all attempts to make chips of this type have resulted in discs that are too large and filled with impurities of nitrogen or other discs that are very pure but very small. Thanks to the progress made by Saga University in collaboration with Adamant Namiki Precision Jewelery Co., Ltd. japanese, It was possible to make a 5 cm wide chip made of pure diamond.

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On the right, a diamond chip with a diameter of 5 cm.

According to its creators, this diamond chip will be able to store the equivalent of one billion Blu-Ray discs inside. If we consider that one of these disks is capable of storing 25 gigabytes of data (if it is a single layer), then this means that it can store 25 exabytes with a diameter of 5 centimeters, or what is the same, More than 26 million terabytes.

Diamonds, the key to quantum computing

As we said a little above, This technological leap is very important and will also be for the development of quantum computing. This type of computing works in parallel with traditional computing, but its development could be key to many areas. We must bear in mind that this technology is able to operate with much more efficient algorithms and processes than conventional ones, despite the fact that it requires more stringent storage and operating conditions.

Thanks to this improvement in efficiency, quantum computing, for example, could represent a breakthrough when it comes to being able to sequence or investigate DNA sequences, or even in terms of cybersecurity, creating new, more complex cryptographic systems.

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