This is the new coin with the image of King Carlos III

EFE.- New coins bearing the portrait of King Charles III were on display for the first time Friday by the factory of The Royal Mint, indicating that the 50 pence will enter circulation within weeks.

The design of the 50pence coins, as well as other commemorative 5pound coins, are the work of British sculptor Martin Jennings.

Coins unveiled today show the king’s face turned to the left, unlike what previous kings faced for centuries.

In addition, unlike what happened with Queen Elizabeth II, the new King Carlos III does not wear the crown.

The new coins will be sold to collectors by the Royal UK Mint from early next week and 50p will be in circulation before the end of the year.

Photo: © Tom Harrison/EFE/EPA.

These coins will circulate with those featuring a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, who died at the age of eight at the age of 96.

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Anne Jessup, a slim advisor at the Royal Mint, noted that coins last about 20 years, so those featuring a portrait of Elizabeth II and her firstborn will live together for many years.

From the beginning of 2023, coins from 1 pence to 2 pounds will be minted, which will be used daily and will bear the same image as Carlos.

“Citizens shouldn’t worry if they have coins with the Queen. We’ll keep them in circulation,” Jessup said.

Royal Mint unveils official coin of His Majesty King Charles III
Photo: © Tom Harrison/EFE/EPA.
Royal Mint unveils official coin of His Majesty King Charles III
A handout image provided by the Royal British Mint, London, Britain on September 30, 2022, reveals the official coin statue of His Majesty King Charles III. The first coins bearing the image of the King are a special tiara of £5 (top) and 50pence (bottom) commemorating the life and legacy of the late Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: © Tom Harrison/EFE/EPA.
royal mint
Photo: Royal Mint.

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