This is the impressive Boeing 787-9 that Azulgrana is flying to Australia

The Barcelona expelled the season with a sad defeat At Camp Nou vs Villarreal (0-2). In addition, this last meeting also meant farewell to some of the Barcelona team players. Once the game is over, the first team boards a trip to Sydney (Australia) to compete a Friendly match on May 25th Against a local All Star team.

An international flight, approximately 17,000 kilometers in length and approximately 24 hours in length, on which only persons associated with the Barcelona entity travel. In this case, Qantas is using a file Boeing 787-9Great plane, perfect for long trips.

Aubameyang, before traveling to Australia


This is a Boeing 787-9

This wonderful plane has All kinds of amenities To make the trip an authentic experience. In fact, each seat is designed to provide maximum comfort to the occupants.

windows Boeing 787-965% larger than those on similarly sized aircraft, offering a Greater sense of space And the opportunity for passengers to see the flight from the point of view.

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The Boeing 787-9, slightly larger than the 787-8, has a capacity 250 to 290 passengers Double lane design. This aircraft has a length of 63 meters and a height of 17 meters, reaching a height of Cruising speed 912 km / h.

Its technological advancements enable fuel efficiency, such as lightweight composites, advanced systems, new engines and modern aerodynamics that make the 787-9 a Aircraft are also efficient from an environmental point of view.

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